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  We carry the products everybody needs. Of course! We start there. Then we show what we are made of. Ask us about irregular sizes, odd lots or individual solutions. We like to share our experience and industry knowledge with you – and we are good at it!

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You know your stuff – and we like to add our expertise in handling seals, elastomers and plastics. We will work with your developers and know how to contribute to economic solutions. We deliver special sizes and odd lots or individual solutions always with great expertise, industry knowledge and first- rate support. Right from the start, we consider all inspections and necessary approvals.

Low Temperature
New FKM down to -60°

Very broad chemical resistance, low compression end set and suitable for extremely high thermal stresses. Temperature range of -60°C to +250°C!
Material with different hardness values and suitable for use in explosive decompression applications.


The new perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) with the chemical resistance of PTFE and the resilience and sealing characteristics of an elastomer. Benefits: Low temperature down to -40°C , explosive decompression resistant.

PEEK - Polyether ether ketone

An engineered thermoplastic material exhibiting excellent chemical resistance, low weight,low coefficient of thermal expansion, good wear and abrasion resistance, no water absorption and capable of performing in high pressure, high temperature applications as a seal or as an anti-extrusion device.
PEEK applications include: Anti-extrusion devices, Sealing components, Tribological components, Valve Seat Seals, Structural components, Electrical components and Insulators.
The material is well suited for applications with wide extremes of temperature, ranging from -100°C to +300°C.

Composite Materials

PEEK bonded to carbon fibre: Carbon fibre materials for the highest safety, reliability and cost effectiveness requirements. Increases the service life and reduces operating costs (life cycle cost).
PEEK or modified PEEK parts can replace metal parts.
This material combines a high strength similar to that of metal with an enormous weight advantage.

Premium Seals and O-Rings: Quality Management is Your Best Assurance

Pro-active quality management is your assurance for working with the best suited specialised products.
Our special insider knowledge in many markets harnesses synergies from many different application areas. This is your guarantee for optimal solutions at a down-to-earth price.

Our products can be used in almost all industries. Ask us if you need customised parts or odd sizes.

KED-Seals – Your Partner and Specialist for Seals

Our idea of partnership does not begin with the distribution of standard products but rather with our participation in finding solutions and seamless collaborations with your development teams. Your development team knows the company-specific aspects; add to this our industry expertise and you have the formula for finding the best solutions for the manufacture and use of seals.

We have set the stage

for our partnership not only by using the most advanced production facilities, but also through our comprehensive quality management. Every product leaving our company is therefore sure to meet all your requirements and fit the application.

We consider all required inspections and approvals already in the planning phase.

Chemflon® 1285

FDA compliant seals at an exceptionally affordable price: KED Seals presents CHEMFLON® 1285, a new FEPM grade which is FDA compliant. This material is significantly superior to other materials such as silicone, EPDM and FKM especially under aggressive conditions, and much more economical than FFKM materials.

The currently biocompatibility requirements according to the USP (United States Pharmacopeia) Class VI can be met as well. Using CHEMFLON® 1285 can increase the average service life, avoiding expensive and unplanned downtime, leaks and contamination of product.

Sanitary Gaskets - FDA compliant and biocompatible

Seals for the pharmaceutical and food industries: Due to the high purity requirements in the pharmaceutical industry, problematic additives in the materials are replaced in a targeted manner and bulking agents are selected in accordance with the FDA regulations and guidelines. CHEMFLON® 1285 is in accordance with FDA 21CFR177.2600 with FCN, 3-A standard for reusable products and also meets the reusability requirements of the 3-A sanitary standard.