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KED-Seals Announces New Suite of Elastomers for Demanding Hydrogen Gas Environments

Key features of KED-Seal’s new suite of elastomers:

  • Enhanced compatibility
  • Rapid Gas Decompression (RGD) Resistance
  • Excellent Temperature Range at temperatures from -60°C to 200°C

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   Oil & Gas


Our dedicated quality management guarantees high quality and specialized products. 

ISO 9001-Certificate

The advantages of elastomer seals

  • Elasticity
  • High seal tightness
  • Gas-tight
  • Low sealing force required


  • Long service life
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Flexible - easy fitting

Compounds for Oil & Gas Industry


KED-Seals has developed a a suite of Rapid Gas Decompression Resistant (RGD) elastomeric compounds which perform outstandingly in the high pressure, high temperature and sour gas environments in downhole applications.

The advantages of elastomer seals include:

  • HNBR
  • CHEMFLON™ FEPM (Aflas)


These compounds have undergone stringent testing to be approved to the following specifications:

  • NORSOK M-710
  • ISO 23936-2
  • API 6A (Sour Gas)
  • NACE TM0187 (Sour Gas)


KED-Seals has conducted testing on several PTFE and PEEK compounds which are now approved to NORSOK M-710 & ISO 23936-2 specifications.

PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene)

An exceptional material

Semi-crystalline PTFE is obtained by polymerization from monomeric TFE. The carbon-fluorine compound is one of the strongest bonds in organic chemistry with an exceptionally high chemical resistance.

[This plastic became known under the trade name Teflon® from the DuPont company. Other trade names of other manufacturers of PTFE are Dyneon PTFE (formerly Hostaflon) and Gore-Tex for PTFE membranes.]


PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) combines outstanding properties:

  • Wide thermal application range from - 100 °C to + 260 °C
  • Almost universal chemical resistance
  • Light resistant
  • Weather resistant
  • Resistant to hot water vapor
  • Low friction
  • Optimum sliding properties
  • Good wear & abrsasion resistance
  • Anti-adhesive and non-flammable

PTFE and PTFE compounds are reliable sealing materials with high durability and resistance.


By mixing fillers into PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene can

  • increase the wear resistance,
  • change the wear behavior of the mating partner,
  • increase resistance to creep or deformation under load,
  • significantly increase thermal conductivity,
  • reduce thermal expansion,
  • change the electrical properties of PTFE.


For optimum function and reliability, the best combination between seal design, PTFE compound and mating surface must be defined. You can rely on the advice of our experts.


PEEK - polyetheretherketone

Excellent properties between - 100°C and + 300°C.

Flexible thermoplastic with very good chemical resistance, which maintains its excellent properties up to temperatures of + 300°C, as well as when used in low temperatures down to -100°C.

PEEK is used, for example, in back-up rings, seal assemblies, guide rings, ball valve seats, etc., which must meet the highest requirements.

PEEK is resistant to:

  • Radiation (nuclear energy)
  • Mineral lubricants
  • Gasoline
  • hydrocarbons
  • weak mineral and organic acids
  • Lyes
  • Acetone
  • Alcohols
  • Hot water, steam

The low specific weight of PEEK helps to reduce the weight of the components, and the low thermal expansion guarantees a small gap size. PEEK can replace metal parts because it combines high strength with an enormous weight advantage.


Our experts are at your disposal with suggested solutions as early as the design stage.

Composite Materials - Fiber Composites

Wherever the highest demands are made on safety, reliability and economy, the special properties of composite materials are used. Composite materials score not only in terms of service life or operating costs (life cycle cost), but also due to their low weight!


Key advantages of components with high-performance properties:

  • Low thermal expansion
  • Low mass moment of inertia
  • Low weight
  • Universal chemical resistance
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Hot water and steam resistance
  • Anti-magnetic
  • Transmissible to X-rays
  • High bending strength and stiffness
  • High torsional strength
  • Excellent wear properties

The basis for these materials are carbon fiber materials bonded with PEEK.

PEEK or PEEK modification can replace metal parts. This material combines high strength, similiar to metal, with an enormous weight advantage.



(FEPM, Tetrafluoroethylen + Propylene-Copolymer)

Range of application

Application areas for the high-performance elastomer CHEMFLON™:

  • Hot water and steam up to about + 230°C
  • Water with antifreeze agents (glycols)
  • Boiler feed water, seawater, condensate
  • Oils, mineral oils, petroleum, crude oil, greases, bitumen, tar
  • Hydraulic oils, heat transfer oils up to + 280°C
  • Brake fluids, antifreeze
  • Inorganic acids (sulfuric, nitric, hydrochloric, hydrofluoric acid)
  • Inorganic alkalis (sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide)
  • Alcohols (methanol, ethanol, propanol, butanol, amyl alcohol, hexanol)
  • Corrosion inhibitors based on amines,
  • carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide
  • sour gas, sour oil

Application examples

CHEMFLON™ as an elastomer is particularly suitable for media combinations. Some media are critical in their combination and attack seals made of NBR, EPDM or FKM. This problem also arises when sealing one such medium against another. Here, CHEMFLON™ can solve many problems much more favorably than an FFKM.

Mechanical seals as an ideal application example for CHEMFLON™ :
Water, steam or aqueous solutions against quench oil, lubricating oil or heat transfer oil. Because of the oil, EPDM cannot be used. For price reasons, FEP-covered O-Rings are then often used with all their disadvantages.

Other examples of critical media combinations:

  • Water or aqueous solutions against oil
  • Alcohol or alcoholic solutions against oil
  • Hot oil with water content, water-oil emulsions, oil-water emulsions
  • Heat transfer oil against hot water
  • Hydraulic oil against brake fluid

Outstanding performance

CHEMFLON™  is an elastomer for highly stressed seals with excellent performance for a wide range of applications.

This compound outperforms many other elastomers, even under the most demanding conditions: An outstanding property of CHEMFLON™ is its resistance to both water/steam and oils, even at very high temperatures (up to + 230°C).

It offers excellent performance in harsh conditions such as oil production, chemical and petroleum industries, aerospace, automotive and refineries.

CHEMFLON™ provides significantly longer and more reliable operation in a wide range of fluids, especially at high temperatures.

Standard CHEMFLON™ seals and customized developments are available to meet all customer requirements.



Oil & Gas – for sour gas environments

KED-Seals introduces CHEMFLON™ 1285, a new FEPM grade (based on Aflas from AsahiGlass ) which is Rapid Gas Decompression (RGD) resistant.
Approved to:
NORSOK M-710  |  ISO 23936-2  |  API 6A (Sour Gas)  |  NACE TM0187 (Sour Gas)

Excellent performance in downhole conditions, with temperatures up to 250oC. Capable of performing in aggressive fluid media such as hydrocarbons, Methanol, H2S, Amine-based inhibitors, Formates and is especially good in hot water and steam and steam applications.

Available in common seal geometries including O-Rings, X-Rings (Quad Rings), T-Seals and Vee Rings.

Standard 3-A for multiple use

Due to the high purity requirements in the pharmaceutical industry, problematic additives are replaced in the material and fillers are selected according to FDA regulations and guidelines. CHEMFLON™ 1285 also complies with sanitary standard 3-A for multiple use.

Sanitary Gaskets made from CHEMFLON™ 1285 in accordance with FDA 21CFR177.2600 with FCN number are characterized by

  • a broad chemical resistance,
  • excellent compression set, and
  • low thermal expansion - for fluoroelastomers.

Seals for the pharmaceutical and food industries

Pharmaceutical manufacturers usually base their production on FDA (Food and Drug Administration, USA) guidelines in order to survive in this important market. FDA-compliant seals are therefore indispensable.

However, companies in the biotechnology, food and beverage industries also have increasingly stringent requirements in their manufacturing processes. Hot water and steam resistance for applications such as Steam-In-Place (SIP), Clean-In-Place (CIP) and Water-for-Injection and simultaneous resistance to chemicals, especially acids, are in particular demand for the new applications in sterile technology and food production.

Sanitary Gaskets made of CHEMFLON™ 1285 according to FDA 21CFR177.2600 with FCN number are available or producible in all sizes for Tri-Clover®, Tri-Clamp® installations as well as O-rings according to AS-568A and of course also in customized shapes.



the new perfluoroelastomer (FFKM)


  • Temperature range: -20°C to +300°C, briefly up to +320°C
  • Hot water and steam resistance
  • Low compression set
  • Applicable in explosive decompression
  • Extension of the application range by conventional elastomers (NBR, FKM, etc.)
  • No creep or 'cold flow
  • Extension of service life (lower repair costs)
  • Easy assembly
  • Reduces production downtime

We supply O-rings, sterile seals, flat seals, etc. and custom made products.

Range of application

KEDFLON gaskets made of high-quality perfluoroelastomers are used

  • in various industries such as chemicals, paints & coatings,
  • semiconductor technology, clean room technology, aviation & aerospace, etc..
  • wherever aggressive media are in use
  • in original equipment e.g. pumps, valves, compressors, mechanical seals.
  • in the petrochemical industry and in refineries (explosive decompression).
  • according to individual requirements, e.g. corresponding customer drawings.

Leveraging expertise

KEDFLON is an elastic sealing material with the chemical resistance of PTFE and the elastic behavior of rubber. Ideal for use with aggressive media and/or at extreme temperatures, in equipment and machinery such as mechanical seals, valves, pumps, mixers and fermenters.

The special properties of this material from the group of perfluoroelastomers require high-quality materials and complex production. Before using such a cost-intensive seal, we recommend professional consultation to check the economic use as well as the application and installation conditions.

The advice of KED-Seals experts ensures that the best and most economical solution is used for your requirements.


Hydrogenated NBR


higher temperatures than standard NBR with the same resistance to

  • mineral oils
  • engine oils
  • amine/oil mixtures
  • oxidizing fuels
  • lubricating oils
  • hydraulic fluids based on mineral oil
  • animal and vegetable fats
  • diesel fuels
  • ozone
  • acid gas
  • diluted acids and bases
  • Bio-oils (biodegradable oils).


Hydrogenated NBR (HNBR) has significantly improved thermal and chemical stability and better resistance to steam, acid gases and ozone compared to NBR (conventional nitrile materials). At the same time, HNBR guarantees high tensile strength and good abrasion resistance.

Typical properties depending on compound/material:

  • Temperature range : -50°C to +150°C.
  • Hardness : 70 to 90 Shore A
  • Color : black
  • Special compounds: Developed to resist Rapid Gas Decompression (RGD) damage
  • Approvals: NORSOK M-710/ISO23936-2, API 6A, NACE TM018

KED-Seals sets standards in service & know-how that will delight you.