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Sealing technology for industrial applications

KED-Seals is a material technology company specialising in Elastomeric and Thermoplastic products. Our expertise allows us to design and supply a wide range of high quality Seals and Engineered Plastic products.

Working with your Engineering & R&D Departments, we will design reliable and cost effective solutions to enhance the performance of your products.

Our portfolio


New Suite of Elastomers for Demanding Hydrogen Gas Environments

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Our differentiators are: 

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  • Wide material & product portfolio

Locations in Germany, USA und UK

Custom made:
High quality sealing technology products manufactured according to your specifications. 

We can supply high quality products which are manufactured to your specifications and drawings, including tight manufacturing tolerances if required . Our engineers are able to offer a personalized service where they will analyse the applications details and create a cost effective design using optimum materials and geometries.

Our solutions can be used across a wide range of industries, supplying materials and products to meet industry-specific requirements such as FDA and NORSOK, for the oil and gas industry.

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Gaskets for pharmaceutical and food industry

Seals with hot water and steam resistance for applications such as Steam-In-Place, Clean-In-Place and Water-for-Injection and the simultaneous resistance to chemicals, especially acids, are suitable for applications in sterile technology and food manufacturing, also our Sanitary Gaskets are of course FDA compliant and biocompatible.

Seals with FDA conformity particularly cost-effective: New FEPM quality with FDA conformity.

With CHEMFLON® 1285 we offer a FEPM quality that meets the highest demands and is significantly more cost-effective than FFKM materials.

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for thermal requirements

We have developed a suite of elastomers and thermoplastics which have been fully tested and approved to industry specifications for use in the aggressive downhole conditions typically found in the Oil & Gas industry.

These specifications include:-
NORSOK M-710/ISO 23936-2  |  API 6A (Sour gas)  |  NACE TM0187 (Sour gas)  |  NACE TM0297


Economical: Our standard FFKM

KEDFLON is the new and cost-effective perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) with the chemical resistance of PTFE and the elastic behavior of rubber. Many different grades depending on application: low temperature down to -40°C, high temperature up to +320°C, resistant to explosive decompression.

available in several degrees of hardness.



FFKM from market leader Dupont©

KALREZ™ 6375: Dupont's proven and well-known standard perfluoroelastomer, 75 Shore A with an extremely wide chemical resistance, and a temperature range from -20°C to +275°C.




New FKM down to - 60°

Very high chemical resistance, low compression set and suitable for extremely high thermal stresses in the temperature range from +250°C to -60°C. The material is available in two different hardnesses and suitable for use against the phenomenon of Rapid Gas Decompression.

Even resistant in hot water/hot steam up to 200°C!


 FKM O-Rings & Seals


New perfluoroether-based elastomer down to -60°C.

KEDLOW™ KEDLOW™ brings a combination of the properties of FKM, FFKM and FVMQ. Excellent low temperature resistance down to -60°C (TR10 = -50°C), high temperature resistance up to +200°C, broad chemical resistance, to solvents e.g. acetone, fuels, oils, amine-containing additives, acids, alkalis, water-glycol mixtures.

Low-cost alternative to FFKM in many applications.


Coated O-rings

FEP and PFA coated O-rings made of FKM or VMQ

High chemical resistance, often low cost alternative to FFKM, use in open grooves, -60°C to + 230°C depending on coating. Short delivery times, favorable prices, FDA-compliant, proven in numerous applications.

The low-cost FDA-compliant material as a favorable substitute for FFKM in open grooves.

 FEP and PFA-coated O-rings


If EPDM is no more sufficient

Chemflon (FEPM) was specially developed for high temperatures from -10°C to +275C and for use in heat transfer oils, hydraulic and brake fluids as well as for hot water and superheated steam applications - as a combination of the typical properties of FKM and EPDM.

Also as a variant against explosive decompression in natural and sour gas applications.


KED-Seals sets standards in service & know-how that will delight you.