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KED-Seals Announces New Suite of Elastomers for Demanding Hydrogen Gas Environments

KED-Seals, a Material Technology Company supplying high performance Seals and Electrical Connectors, is excited to introduce “Hydrogen H2 Ultimate”; a new suite of advanced elastomers engineered to excel in demanding hydrogen gas environments.

Hydrogen gas is playing an increasingly vital role in various industries, from clean energy solutions to aerospace, and industrial processes. These cutting-edge elastomers are designed to provide enhanced performance, reliability, and safety in applications such as hydrogen storage, transportation, and fuel cells.

Key features of KED-Seal’s new suite of elastomers include:

  • Enhanced compatibility: These elastomers have been specifically formulated to withstand the extreme conditions found in hydrogen gas sealing applications.
  • Rapid Gas Decompression (RGD) Resistance: KED-Seals has utilised previous experience to produce elastomers that perform outstandingly in high pressure environments.
  • Excellent Temperature Range: With the capability to seal at temperatures from -60oC to 200oC, this allows a wider range of critical hydrogen applications to be considered.

KED-Seals is located in Frankfurt, Germany, Aberdeenshire, Scotland and Diamondhead, USA. The company specializes in the design and supply of high performance Seals, Elastomeric and Thermoplastic product solutions across all industries, including Oil & Gas. Capabilities include Machining and Moulding of both Elastomers and high performance Engineered Plastics, Elastomer-to-Metal Bonding, Composite Materials, Low Friction Coatings, Electrical Feedthrough Connectors, Boot Kits, and complementary products.

KED-Seals is structured to be a nimble and responsive organisation, working closely with customers to better understand their requirements. Quality is the focus for KED-Seals, from exceptional Customer Service, through to developing new, cutting-edge designs and delivering products on time to meet the customers’ critical testing and production schedules.

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